Recreational Beef Marrow Bones


    20 - 24 oz

    Price per package.


    • Natural source of protein and fat.
    • Bone marrow contains nutrients known to lower the risk for heart disease and certain types of cancers.
    • Enhances red and white blood cells production.
    • Improvements in kidney and digestive function.
    • Rewarding fun to chew and gnaw at these bones while also great for brain exercise.
      • Beef Marrow Bones canoe cut (2 per bag) averaging 20 - 24 oz total..
      • Beef Marrow kilocalories per ounce: 252 (marrow only).
      • Texas-Raised Wagyu Beef.
      • Quality beef from Rosewood Ranches in Texas.
      • Beef raised in the United States without antibiotics or added hormones.
      •  Crude Protein 12% min
        Crude Fat 25% min
        Crude Fiber 3% max
        Moisture 26% max
      • Storage: Keep Raw Recreational Bones frozen until ready to serve.
      • Serving:
        • Recreational bones can be feed as a recreational treat. Give up to two bones per week.
        • We sell our marrow bones frozen, and we recommend you feed them frozen as well.
        • If your dog likes to hide toys in the couch cushions, or bury things under the rug, you probably want to feed these outside.
        • If you choose to serve bones indoors, place them on a mat, towel, or other surface that can be machine-washed or easily disinfected.
        • Always monitor your dog when feeding recreational bones—these treats are NOT to be completely consumed.
        • If a piece of bone breaks off, discard the small pieces.
        • Refreeze or refrigerate bones that still have marrow and meat left.
        • Once the bone has been licked clean or left for over an hour, discard the remainders.
        • *Do not cook the bones – they will become too brittle and could splinter while your dog chews on it.
        • Not for puppies under 6 months, giant breed or extra-large breeds, over-aggressive chewers, dogs with a history of pancreatitis, or dogs having insufficient teeth.