Rabbit Grind

    • Whole rabbit ground extra fine. Includes meat, bones, head, and organs (liver, heart, lung, pancreas and kidneys).
    • 100% human-grade rabbit from US family owned farms. All natural, hormone, antibiotic and preservative-free.
    • 75% meat, 15% bones, 10% organs
    • Ground bones for optimum levels of calcium and phosphorous.
    • Excellent source of vitamin B12 which works to ensure that your cat or dog’s nervous system functions properly. Also a great source of vitamin B6, phosphorus, niacin, and selenium.
    • Rabbit is a novel protein that most pets have seldom or never been exposed to. This makes it the perfect protein choice for sensitive tummies, or if there's a food allergy to other protein sources. If your cat or dog is itchy, or has some GI issues, introducing a novel protein, like rabbit, into their diet can help “reset” their system and give their immune system a break from fighting off the proteins it may be reacting to. Top veterinary dermatology specialists highly recommend it!
    • Environmentally friendly containers made in the US from PET using a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled bottles and 100% recyclable.
    • Rabbit Grind Nutrition Data

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