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    "We have two rescue dogs (one is 75 lbs and 10 1/2 yrs old, and the other 65 lbs and 8 yrs old). After having issues with them eating dry food as well as reading all the horrible things about and issues with dry food, we decided to change them to a raw diet. After trying different suppliers and even making them food ourselves, we thankfully found Rebel Raw. They have a wide variety of meals WITH the correct portions of meat/bone/organs (and veggies if you want them), make pick-up easy and most importantly, our dogs eat the food up! Plus, Rebel Raw is extremely response and assists with any needs. Excellent customer service!! I recommend Revel Raw to anyone looking for a supplier of high quality raw meals for your pet(s)."
    "I wanted to transition my cat to raw for a long time but reading how particular a cat's raw diet is made it very overwhelming to try to make myself. I'm SO glad I found Rebel Raw!! It took her about a week to really warm up to the switch but now she meows her face off at feeding time and eats all that is in her bowl! She has also gotten so much more energy and is more playful again now that she is on a proper diet. I can't recommend Rebel Raw enough!!"
    "Easy to order, easy o feed and our cat loves it!!!!"
    "We said goodbye to kibble and switched our beloved pups over to Rebel Raw in August 2018. We love the convenience of the complete meals & Maxx, Sophie, & Monte LOVE meal time! We’ve seen improvements in energy, mobility, & overall health. Since adjusting to a raw diet, our pups no longer have the digestive issues (diarrhea, vomiting) they once had. Solid, less messy & smelly poop to pick up is also a plus! Thank you, Tina & Matt!"
    "Our rescue, Maude, dropped a ton of weight and gained a ton of energy after we switched to Rebel Raw. Her coat is lovely and her shedding was reduced by probably 60-70%. On top of a great product, the Rebel Raw folks also give their customers Grade A service! I can’t say enough good things about this company. Buy their stuff!"
    "I rarely write reviews but my my dog has been on Rebel Raw for 5 months and loves it. He’s had a lot of reflux since he was a puppy and I’ve tried so many premium foods with no luck. Since changing to Rebel Raw his reflux has gone away and he is lean and heathy and always excited to eat."
    "Teddy has always been a huge foodie just like us, his parents :) We try to eat natural and fresh food and also support local business. Why not do the same for our little man?! At first we were a little hesitant because we weren't very familiar with raw food. After doing bunch of research and consulting with Matt and Tina, we wanted to give it a try. Not only does Teddy get extra excited during his feeding time but we've also noticed other differences. His energy level increased, his fur is absolutely beautiful and he started getting his darker puppy hair back (which we absolutely love), his teeth seem healthier and his stinky breath has definitely changed as well. Long story short, Rebel Raw is the best decision we made and Teddy loves it just as much as we love watching him live a happy and healthy live!"

    Yay!...and thank you! Yes, Baxley is much, much better now, thank you for asking. She was sick before we switched her to the rebel raw diet. She had been suffering for sometime. She had an appetite and would eat...but, more often than not, she just couldn't seem to keep it down.

    She was slowly starving and it was breaking ourhearts to see her suffer. We have no doubts at all that switching her to a raw diet-specifically rebel raw, saved her life. We had tried other brands, but she just wouldn't touch it. They usually had a look and smell to them as though they had been thawed and refrozen.

    We are so thankful for rebel raw. She's keeping her food down (as long as she's feed at least 3 times a day). She's looking happy and healthy again.